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Christmas Everyday

I don’t know about you, but my holidays are filled with booze, flashing lights, and good times. So far this holiday season I’ve ventured out to Disneyland (the best way to start off your holiday season), a week in NYC, and gearing up for an annual holiday party in L.A. this weekend.

The castle at Disneyland during the holidays is always a sight to behold.

The store display for Fendi on 5th Ave in NYC was one of my favorites.

The fact Cartier sticks with the gift lighting of the entire store continues to be a 5th Avenue staple.

Had time to fit in my 1st Broadway show for Phantom of The Opera.

The cocktails at Spice were so so, but they sure were purrty.

Can never go wrong with the food and drinks at Bar 89.


NYC Flashbacks

Me and my bestest Fashionista and NYC Socialite Michelle Ten. A true take that and rewind back moment from New York City. Can’t wait to see all my favorite peeps in the world soon enough!

Chillin With My L.E.S. Fam

Gettin’ all nostalgic thinking about New York City today. Had to pull up a flick of one of the best nights last year in NYC at my trainer Dan’s (in the red shirt) crib. His family has become my adopted NYC family. Talk about some good ole fashion ignorant fun filled with Patron XO, Corona’s, Pernil, and music! NYC here I come….WEPA!!

That dark liquor is the devil I tell you! Especially when you gettin turnt up midtown and you live in Brooklyn!

Ciao NYC

Had to bid my good friend New York adieu to begin the next chapter of the I.AM.CJay brand. A mighty good farewell it was, all of my most favorite go gettaz, hustlers, movers & shakers came out to celebrate.

Moments: Basquiat

Moments: Fashion Week

My fash-ON duties for Roc4Life this year had me all up and through New York Fashion Week this year. Such an amazing time, just wanted to take a quick flashback on the moments had.