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You know it’s got to be something pretty serious to get me excited about L.A. Fashion Week, better yet to even attend a show. Yes it’s the jaded New Yorker in me speaking, but the Exchange LA was the place to be. When Anthony Franco presents a runway collection it’s a stand up occasion for those with any fashion sense in L.A. to attend. You’d be hard pressed to mention fashion in L.A. and not mention the name Anthony Franco.

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If you ever needed another reason to make you venture to Disneyland again, this Mickey Mouse Penthouse just maybe it. The suite offers spectacular views of the 500 acre resort (Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park, and the Downtown Disney District). The lush pad includes an interior design with “Mickey’s” signature colors of black, white, red and yellow, occupies an expansive 1,600 square feet and includes an open living room, dining and kitchen area, two bedrooms and two and one-half bathrooms.

The master bedroom has a king-size bed, lounge chairs, a 37″ flat panel TV and a DVD player. The master bath includes a steam shower, Jacuzzi tub and a double vanity with a built-in TV in the mirror. Unique glass tiles on the shower walls bring the magic of Mickey Mouse to life as the familiar image of Mickey appears only when the warm water of the shower hits the tiled wall.

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The past week has been quite an eventful one for I.AM.CJay. As a born and raised Angeleno, I really felt like I soaked up some good L.A. moments. The first being my first ever Dodger game, yeah I’m not the baseball fan but the energy in the stadium is contagious. Between the beer, Dodger Dog, and trying to figure out the score board I had one of the best times in my life. Pretty awesome seats by the way.

The next day was a night out at Magic Mountain with 2 of the bestest people in my life Chiara and Beto (pics to come soon). Sometimes you need a good amusement park to just shake the shyt out of you and scream out any stress in your life.

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Wurstküche Los Angeles

Who knew a dinner of hot dogs and beer would give me life. Apparently Beto did as he put me on to another little hidden jewel of Los Angeles, well at least hidden to me. Wurstkuche in Downtown L.A. is Belgian/German food at it’s best. The area alone reminded me of being in New York on the Lower East Side or Williamsburg in Brooklyn, which heightened my excitement.

There are a plethora of classic, gourmet, and exotic sausage links to choose from. Everything from Bratwurst to Rattlesnake & Rabbit. The exposed grill/kitchen gives it a real hustle and flow feel, perfect for late nights with great company. The live DJ in the eating area really added to the aesthetic and overall NYC feel.

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I had a total epiphany today going to pick up my credentials for the BET Awards tomorrow. I remember being 18 years old and going to buy tickets to The Soul Train and Lady of Soul awards, literally buying tickets to an award show. My love for music and yearning to be a part of an industry I love so much had me willing to be in nose bleed seats to watch. Now some odd years later I’ll be covering on the red carpet and backstage. Stay focused on the dream people, that’s all I have to say. You know where the next stop on this I.AM.CJay movement is.

*Note: I purposely made sure the pic wasn’t too close, not loving it. Sorry.

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Almost forgot about this lil in the cut Sushi spot me & Beto found after a night of liquid debauchery in Hollywood. Being that the Sushi spot just opened, all prices were happy hour prices. Even the pitcher of Sapporo was only $7 bucks and ya’ll know I don’t drink beer. I was about to order plum wine until Beto and the waitress started clowning me, so beer it was. As you see from the pic this was mid-massacre of killing the food. Ummm yeah I don’t remember the name, blame it on the alcohol but it’s behind Obar @ 8279 Santa Monica.

My Life

You always have to remember where you came from to know exactly where you going. Where I’m going is to a place where I can honor the women that have helped raise me.

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Who knew the Beverly Hilton was the jumpoff during the week, I sure didn’t. My boy Beto has been telling me about a really cool happy hour at the legendary hotel, but I was expecting sherry with Golden Girls. Lo & behold I was sadly mistaken upon stepping into the Trader Vic’s Lounge.

The DJ was spinning great music, drinks were flowing, and the food was fantastic.

I have to give major props to big boss Carl for taking care of us while we were there. It’s clear to see the people that work for him, work with him as he profoundly states “we are a family”. You see why all of my notions of this being a stuffy granny place were thrown out the window?!

When nighttime falls that’s when things get really sexy, the ambiance of the pool area is classic Hollywood stuff you’ve dreamed of. I’m sure this won’t be my last time here and I recommend if you have a free Wednesday in your future check it out! My apologies for the fuzzy blackberry pics, I think I was on my 3rd cocktail by then…:/

Smiley Face

Yesterday after a late night movie went to the beach with someone,  just listened to the ocean waves and waited for the sun to rise. I was proposed the question of what makes me happy, it was in a non-corny general way I replied “moments like this.”  As I said it, I truly felt the rush of the words within my spirit. Life is about moments and what you make of those moments. The serenity of the beach and being comfortable with great company will forever live in my bank of fantastic moments. Enjoy life, every single moment of it. The bad moments, learn from them. The rare moments, cherish them – Smiley Face 🙂