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NYC Flashbacks

Me and my bestest Fashionista and NYC Socialite Michelle Ten. A true take that and rewind back moment from New York City. Can’t wait to see all my favorite peeps in the world soon enough!


This is actually my favorite drink from Bamboo 52 NYC, the Basil Pear Martini. It’s a subtle and sensual cocktail made with vodka, fresh pear puree, and muddled basil. It’s like liquor took food out for a date and this was the love child it created.

I would like for them to muddle the basil a different way, that would be my only grip about this drink. I do love the fact they serve it in a shot glass, dudes and martini glasses should never meet.

Liquid Lovin: Volcano

The Volcano from Bamboo 52 NYC is simply one of the most ignorant drink concoctions in the city and yet I can’t seem to get enough of it. Don’t be fooled by the fruit punch like flavor of this drink, 2 of them and your good for the night. With happy hour prices that can rival your favorite bar, make sure you have a designated driver or your on the train.

Drink contents: light rum, dark rum, 151 rum, and fresh juices aka poe man’s kool-aid