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What’s On The iPod

Brandon Flowers ‘Flamingo’

This is totally going to be a personal opinion post, but The Killers are one of  the best bands in the world. So when my boy aka lead singer Brandon Flowers announced he was doing a solo project I was a little sketchy. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised that Brandon really brought the heat on this album. True the songs aren’t as catchy and upbeat as The Killers, but they display a deeper more spiritual side.It’s just enough to hold us die hard Killers fans over until a new album drops 2011.

stand outs: Crossfire, Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts, Magdalena

Bruno Mars ‘Doo-Wops & Hooligans’

I have to give it up to Bruno Mars, a kid that comes out of nowhere,  jumps on a couple hooks that soar to #1 and releases an album that stands alone in today’s music. ‘Doo-Wops & Hooligans’ features great vocals, thoughtful lyrics, real music that’s clearly a mesh of pop, soul, and doo-wop. The first single “Just The Way You Are” is a fresh take on something you’ve heard a million times in songs, but when Bruno sings it you can’t help but to go there.

stand outs: Grenade, Talking To The Moon, The Other Side

The Script “Science & Faith’

The boys from The Script are back with another winner of an album. The group from Ireland that spent the early part of their career sleeping on the front porch of music producer Teddy Riley’s home just so he would give them a chance are now making waves of their own. The new album ‘Science & Faith’ is a mix of soulful vocals, hip hop, and pop that garnered them such a huge following the first time out. I had the pleasure of not only meeting them at their first stateside performance in NYC, but became a fan instantly.

stand outs: If I Ever Come Back, Long Gone and Moved On, This=Love


I’m Doin Me, this time around. I’m Doin Me, don’t need you now. I rather be by myself, I won’t let your drama hold me down. I’m Doin Me, this time around. I’m Doin Me, cause I finally found…I’d rather be by myself. I’m Doin’ Me.

Song Of The Moment: Tired

Have you ever just woke up in the morning and took a good look at everything in your life at the present moment. Yeah I had one of those moments today, 2 Blessed 2 Be Stressed. Shake off the weight and continue to be great. My girl Kelly Price says all in this record “Tired”. I had to have a serious come to jesus talk with myself to this track.

Maroon 5: Hands All Over

I’m mos def feeling the new album cover for Maroon 5.

I think we’ve all had a moment like this one time or another.

Prodigal Son: Chris Brown

Hands down, one of the best performances in the 10 years the BET Awards have aired goes to Chris Brown. I’m not even talking about the emotional cry through Man in the Mirror, but the overall performance. While watching the performance all I could think of is the term “Prodigal Son”.

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One of the best songs on Monica’s latest album is surely the realest. “Well I’m about good & tired of this, to fly for you to not know what you want. I’m about to decide for you, Stay or Go”.

Song Of The Moment: Deuces

This joint says it all. Deuces!

Robyn: Dancing On My Own

Get familiar with Robyn quick, her 2nd album was a beast. She’s now about to release 3 EP’s (the 1st came out about a month ago) and this new single is everything I am right now at this moment. Dancing On My Own.

This video and Buzzcocks remake by the Noisettes is my new favorite joint of the moment. The energy they pumped into the 70’s jam gives life.