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Christmas Everyday

I don’t know about you, but my holidays are filled with booze, flashing lights, and good times. So far this holiday season I’ve ventured out to Disneyland (the best way to start off your holiday season), a week in NYC, and gearing up for an annual holiday party in L.A. this weekend.

The castle at Disneyland during the holidays is always a sight to behold.

The store display for Fendi on 5th Ave in NYC was one of my favorites.

The fact Cartier sticks with the gift lighting of the entire store continues to be a 5th Avenue staple.

Had time to fit in my 1st Broadway show for Phantom of The Opera.

The cocktails at Spice were so so, but they sure were purrty.

Can never go wrong with the food and drinks at Bar 89.


Leffot Fold Wallet

It’s nothing more annoying than a bulky ass wallet filled with a bunch of things you could do without if you really thought about it. Hence the Leffot Fold Wallet is here for those that only need to carry bills (every now & then) when making moves. The t-shaped fold wallet is constructed in what the company calls, “horse ass leather”. It simply hugs your cash with three simple folds. The wallet comes in a small version for U.S. Dollars or in a larger version for more valuable currencies like the Euro, British Pound, or Japanese Yen.

If you ever needed another reason to make you venture to Disneyland again, this Mickey Mouse Penthouse just maybe it. The suite offers spectacular views of the 500 acre resort (Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park, and the Downtown Disney District). The lush pad includes an interior design with “Mickey’s” signature colors of black, white, red and yellow, occupies an expansive 1,600 square feet and includes an open living room, dining and kitchen area, two bedrooms and two and one-half bathrooms.

The master bedroom has a king-size bed, lounge chairs, a 37″ flat panel TV and a DVD player. The master bath includes a steam shower, Jacuzzi tub and a double vanity with a built-in TV in the mirror. Unique glass tiles on the shower walls bring the magic of Mickey Mouse to life as the familiar image of Mickey appears only when the warm water of the shower hits the tiled wall.

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One of the issues with workout systems for me is all the room it consumes in your pad. The Torque Fitness F7 Fold Away Strength Trainer is one system that eat up area in your living space as it only takes up 40 inches by 40 inches when closed. It offers two independent weight stack systems, that tie into fully adjustable swivel pulleys with 30 adjustment holes, and a removable, fully adjustable flat-to-incline bench, that allows you to do standing exercises as well as more strenuous exercise ball-based movements.

I had a total epiphany today going to pick up my credentials for the BET Awards tomorrow. I remember being 18 years old and going to buy tickets to The Soul Train and Lady of Soul awards, literally buying tickets to an award show. My love for music and yearning to be a part of an industry I love so much had me willing to be in nose bleed seats to watch. Now some odd years later I’ll be covering on the red carpet and backstage. Stay focused on the dream people, that’s all I have to say. You know where the next stop on this I.AM.CJay movement is.

*Note: I purposely made sure the pic wasn’t too close, not loving it. Sorry.

Cause it’s I.AM.CJAY™ you could join the wave. I dun penny-nickel-dimed, I dun coined the phrase. -Just Saying

Stay focused on the dream folks, you never know who’s out there rooting for you to win. In the darkest moments is when the light can shine so much brighter to let you know it’s not over. I do what I do for those that still believe, those that know what it means to hustle and grind, those that know regardless of the circumstance your in, the dream is bigger than your body.

You Gotta See It, Before You See It, or You Never Will See It. Dream On

Just want to make sure ya’ll know the dude is still making fash-ON moves over at, make sure you check me out there as well. Also I’ll be at BET Awards covering the red carpet this year, so stay tuned for my fash-ON/fash-OFF coverage. Throw ya diamonds in the air, sneak in a W for the west as well…DAWG!

Drums Please…

First day of Summer is here, time to take advantage and create new moments. Stay tuned folks…It’s gonna be a hot one!

Almost forgot about this lil in the cut Sushi spot me & Beto found after a night of liquid debauchery in Hollywood. Being that the Sushi spot just opened, all prices were happy hour prices. Even the pitcher of Sapporo was only $7 bucks and ya’ll know I don’t drink beer. I was about to order plum wine until Beto and the waitress started clowning me, so beer it was. As you see from the pic this was mid-massacre of killing the food. Ummm yeah I don’t remember the name, blame it on the alcohol but it’s behind Obar @ 8279 Santa Monica.