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Chillin With My L.E.S. Fam

Gettin’ all nostalgic thinking about New York City today. Had to pull up a flick of one of the best nights last year in NYC at my trainer Dan’s (in the red shirt) crib. His family has become my adopted NYC family. Talk about some good ole fashion ignorant fun filled with Patron XO, Corona’s, Pernil, and music! NYC here I come….WEPA!!

That dark liquor is the devil I tell you! Especially when you gettin turnt up midtown and you live in Brooklyn!



Heard this joint tonight and had one of those wow moments. – I.AM

I AM: Marlon Alvarez

This month’s I.AM candidate is the homie Marlon Alvarez in South Beach by way of NYC. Check out this dude’s blog Demented Forever, from NYC to Miami he has his finger on what’s hot! I’m waiting on the day he’s a world renowned DJ so I can bring him to L.A. for my launch party. He’s always up on the sickest music and remixes around.

The dude has a mean hustle game and it’s just great to see how much he has progressed over the years I’ve known him in building his own personal brand. Now only if dude will start using his damn Twitter more! Stay tuned as we wait for his “On To The Next One” move. Cause you know it’s coming…

I.AM: Fredy Pagan

Not too many heads in the graphic/site/branding/design world I would co-sign for, but Fredy Pagan is one of the best. This dude has a creative brain that exceeds his own grasp which can be dangerous in the most rewarding way. He’s also my official South Beach tour guide, after all he’s the dude that put me on to “Call-A-Cab” @ Wet Willies.

I.AM: Chef Rodney Burns

Seriously this dude makes the best Chicken Wrap I’ve EVA had in my life. Spicy Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap, with a Cajun dipping sauce.

It’s a moment for the food gawds created by my homie and hands down one of the best chefs in Los Angeles, Chef Rodney Burns. Young dude that is lethal in the kitchen.

I.AM: Karla Olivares

Karla Olivares is one of the top makeup artists in Los Angeles and sincerely one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Don’t get me wrong, this Nicaraguan beauty get it in and can shut the city down. If your in the mood to have your face beat and skin snatched, check her out at the Mac store on Robertson or on your favorite morning show in L.A. talking beauty tips. Truly a boss chick with a beauty brand you better be ready for when it hits.

I’m working on getting her on twitter.

I.AM: Martin Berrios

This dude is the epitome of a Empire State Of Grind to the 10th. It’s rare you meet someone that says when they keep it 100 they actually do keep it 100. A big brain for marketing and branding, plus he can make yo sh*t tighter.

Follow Martin on Twitter.