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Whiskey Barrel BBQ Pit

Now this is what I call making a lasting impression at your next BBQ. The Whiskey Barrel BBQ Pit gives you a reason to have people over to show how cool you are. The grill features a metal interior and rack to keep the barrel from burning. The grill will run you about $950.



Edible Goodness: Henry’s Hat

In our quest for the perfect Saturday location for brunch we happened upon a locale by the name of Henry’s Hat in Universal City. Truth be told what had me at “hello” was the $9.95 unlimited mimosa’s with brunch. As you can see from the glasses above, those weren’t ya mama’s mimosa’s glasses either. Instead of the usual mini muffins most spots give you, we received a portion of what looked like Lucky Charms and Fruit Loops cereal. Let’s get to the food though:

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4th Of July

This 4th of July weekend was hands down the best I’ve had my entire life for many reasons. It was a nice lowkey, chill weekend mixed with great food, awesome drinks, and amazing company. Ya boy I.AM.CJay got in the kitchen at one point during the weekend and threw down.

Wasabi crusted salmon, lobster pasta, mixed vegetables, sangria and wine made for a perfect July 3rd evening.

Yeah that’s me in the midst of cooking with the fly new R+ tank top on. It’s always a fash-ON moment somewhere.

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Wurstküche Los Angeles

Who knew a dinner of hot dogs and beer would give me life. Apparently Beto did as he put me on to another little hidden jewel of Los Angeles, well at least hidden to me. Wurstkuche in Downtown L.A. is Belgian/German food at it’s best. The area alone reminded me of being in New York on the Lower East Side or Williamsburg in Brooklyn, which heightened my excitement.

There are a plethora of classic, gourmet, and exotic sausage links to choose from. Everything from Bratwurst to Rattlesnake & Rabbit. The exposed grill/kitchen gives it a real hustle and flow feel, perfect for late nights with great company. The live DJ in the eating area really added to the aesthetic and overall NYC feel.

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Oh Happy Day! Am I late on this memo? Cause I had no ideal Tapatio came in little packets. Seriously it was the sunshine of my day to look in my bag with my ceviche tostada and see the little packets at the bottom of the bag. If you know me, you know Tapatio is my most favorite hot sauce on earth. That is all, just wanted to share. Continue with your day.

Mmmm Mmmm Good!

You already know anytime food and drink is the proposed guest of the night I’m there. Malo has always been one of my favorite places in Silverlake to venture, in fact I had my b’day dinner there a few years ago. On June 30th @ 8p.m. is Tequila Appreciation Night and it’s already shaping up to be the must attend event. The event will be a sit down 3-course meal that offers a specific Herradura Antiquo Tequila cocktail with each meal.

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Oh So Wrong, Yet Oh So Right

Yeah that Red Velvet Cheesecake from The Abbey got demolished, it was 4 minutes short of us about to chew the damn plate.

Ok, these tasty little treats were from my time spent @ Wow Wednesdays in The Trader Vics Lounge at the Beverly Hilton this week. Yeah when I’m somewhere 2 weeks in a row, you know it’s a must.

This Suffering Bastard is a cocktail that will put some hair on ya chest, as the elders would say. My favorite drink @ The Beverly Hilton.

Maybe I should turn this to a food and beverage blog, damn fat ass! LOL, but you know I love a good meal and a great drink. So does my girl Chiara for that matter.

On a evening out for dinner with the crew before a night of debauchery was to ensue, we ventured to West Hollywood locale The Gardens of Taxco. I’ve yet to even see to Mexico but somehow felt instantly transported upon entering the doors. The decor it festive and the food never seems to stop. Seriously the food never stops coming as they are known for not having any menu’s to mull over, only delightful waiters to announce food choices  in a colorful way.

Before you begin to partake in a wonderful 8 course meal, it’s a must you start off with the delicious margaritas. It’s almost as if they fluffed the mix in with the ice for a whipped like concoction that is simply divine. The entire 5 course meal went as follows:

The End.

Make sure you check out The Gardens Of Taxco, you won’t be disappointed.