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Must See Movie: Black Swan

Every now & then a film comes along that leaves you talking about favorite moments once you leave the theater, Black Swan was just that movie experience for me. The film was all together dark, funny, beautiful, and all completely trippy. Natalie Portman gives one of the best performances of her career and Mila Kunis was a standout as well. Trust me when I tell you this is a must see movie.


Last night I attended the screening of the Kanye West film ‘Runaway’. Read the review here at

Making West Coast Moves

The past week has been quite an eventful one for I.AM.CJay. As a born and raised Angeleno, I really felt like I soaked up some good L.A. moments. The first being my first ever Dodger game, yeah I’m not the baseball fan but the energy in the stadium is contagious. Between the beer, Dodger Dog, and trying to figure out the score board I had one of the best times in my life. Pretty awesome seats by the way.

The next day was a night out at Magic Mountain with 2 of the bestest people in my life Chiara and Beto (pics to come soon). Sometimes you need a good amusement park to just shake the shyt out of you and scream out any stress in your life.

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Jenni Rivera

This weekend I had the pleasure of checking out superstar Jenni Rivera at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. Certainly a first for me to be at a concert where I didn’t fully understand the words, but the energy and love for music was all the same. Don’t get it twisted, Jenni is kinda gangsta as she sips from a bottle of Patron between songs and she hails from Long Beach. She’s the only artist in Latin Billboard history to have her first ten albums all reach #1 on the charts. Her mix of mariachi and banda resonates with fans worldwide. Straight up that concert gave me a reason to get my drank on!

4th Of July

This 4th of July weekend was hands down the best I’ve had my entire life for many reasons. It was a nice lowkey, chill weekend mixed with great food, awesome drinks, and amazing company. Ya boy I.AM.CJay got in the kitchen at one point during the weekend and threw down.

Wasabi crusted salmon, lobster pasta, mixed vegetables, sangria and wine made for a perfect July 3rd evening.

Yeah that’s me in the midst of cooking with the fly new R+ tank top on. It’s always a fash-ON moment somewhere.

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From The Red Carpet: BET Awards

Me and my lil Blackberry camera had the time of our lives on the red carpet at the BET Awards this year. I’ll have actually footage to share at some point this week I took for Roc4Life, but wanted to share my on the fly pics.

Nicki Minaj was in full on barbie glam as only she could do, congrats on her win as well.

Roc Nation artist J. Cole stopped by to show Roc4Life of course, I mean we fam here!

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Who knew the Beverly Hilton was the jumpoff during the week, I sure didn’t. My boy Beto has been telling me about a really cool happy hour at the legendary hotel, but I was expecting sherry with Golden Girls. Lo & behold I was sadly mistaken upon stepping into the Trader Vic’s Lounge.

The DJ was spinning great music, drinks were flowing, and the food was fantastic.

I have to give major props to big boss Carl for taking care of us while we were there. It’s clear to see the people that work for him, work with him as he profoundly states “we are a family”. You see why all of my notions of this being a stuffy granny place were thrown out the window?!

When nighttime falls that’s when things get really sexy, the ambiance of the pool area is classic Hollywood stuff you’ve dreamed of. I’m sure this won’t be my last time here and I recommend if you have a free Wednesday in your future check it out! My apologies for the fuzzy blackberry pics, I think I was on my 3rd cocktail by then…:/

Must See Movie: LA Mission

First off, let me say that I’m glad I took out the time to check the latest vehicle starring Benjamin Bratt, LA Mission. True it can be touted as a film all Latino’s should see, but I say it’s a film all human beings should see. I have to give props to the homie Dead Lee for speaking on the film via Twitter one day and making me aware of it.  It’s a film that really shows a side of a lifestyle that extends beyond your favorite Bravo reality show and takes it to the hood. Just cause Adam Lambert is sucking man face on stage err’body ain’t cool with it. Dudes in the hood, especially minority have a hard time dealing with the taboo in this day and age.

The great thing was there was a Q&A after the movie with Benjamin Bratt and Jeremy Ray Valdez after the screening. That gave more insight into not only the film the the barriers they had to break to get it on the big screen. Honorable mention has to be given to my girl Erika Alexander for portraying that abused healer in the film. I love that she was African American because we know racism between brown and black is still prevalent.It wasn’t even a concern brought up in the film which made it more natural.

Again I highly recommend you peep this film, it’s touching, funny, moving, and all together inspiring. Friend them on FACEBOOK and/or visit the site LA Mission for theaters showing the film as most people don’t even know this film is out, it’s needed.

Ciao NYC

Had to bid my good friend New York adieu to begin the next chapter of the I.AM.CJay brand. A mighty good farewell it was, all of my most favorite go gettaz, hustlers, movers & shakers came out to celebrate.