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Tattoo’s, Booze, & Food

This weekend included a chill BBQ at the crib that came with an on-site tattoo artist doing ink work. Nothing better than good food, good drinks, and tattoos.

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Remember The Time

I ♥ Art: Scott Rohlfs

Every now & then when you come across a fantastic artist you really just want to share with the people. Scott Rohlfs is that artist that makes me an instant new fan. His nostalgic works of painted women with big eyes are everything I love and give me life. The edginess and colors add to the validity of the moments as well. I can ramble on & on but take a look for yourself and head over to the site to cop your own! Check out a few of his pieces below:

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I ♥ Art: Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon is one of the best American photographers in the world. His collection of work from the sixties will always be my favorite era of his works. It’s great when you can look at a photo and feel the emotion from that moment it was taken conveyed.

I also love to hit the MoMa in NYC to have a close-up look at his works, I took the pic below in his gallery section.

I ♥ Art: Miles Aldridge

I’ve been a fan of Miles Aldridge for a few years now, his images are always electric and sensual.

You can pick up his book Pictures For Photographs here.

Moments: Basquiat

Kossi Aguessy

Kossi Aguessy is one of my favorite designers/artists in the world. I had the pleasure of meeting him over a year ago online after admiring one of his pieces. After speaking with him you understand this is his making, nothing forced or for money. Simply for the love it. The teeth cast pieces above are actually stools.

This bathtub below is what initially sparked my interest.

Check out his site for more works.

I ♥ Art: Dan Busta

Art with angst

Moments: MoMA

The MoMA will always be one of my favorite museums to soak up visual goodness for my creative soul.

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