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NYC Flashbacks

Me and my bestest Fashionista and NYC Socialite Michelle Ten. A true take that and rewind back moment from New York City. Can’t wait to see all my favorite peeps in the world soon enough!


Can never go wrong with an all black everything. Top of my list for xmas, especially the new Micheal Kors piece.

A.B. Art OA Special Edition All Black Watch Simplicity is so thrilling to me. Some of my most favorite paintings are compromised of just a few colors. When this theory is applied to watches it drives me wild. The A.B. Art OA All Black Watch did just that when I spotted it last week. Founded by Alexander Burhans in 1991, A.B. Art specializes in minimalistic themed pieces that have won several awards and have even been featured at the Museum Of Modern Art (MOMA). Their All Black Watch is a d … Read More

via Flawless Crowns

You know it’s got to be something pretty serious to get me excited about L.A. Fashion Week, better yet to even attend a show. Yes it’s the jaded New Yorker in me speaking, but the Exchange LA was the place to be. When Anthony Franco presents a runway collection it’s a stand up occasion for those with any fashion sense in L.A. to attend. You’d be hard pressed to mention fashion in L.A. and not mention the name Anthony Franco.

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Last night I attended the screening of the Kanye West film ‘Runaway’. Read the review here at

Leffot Fold Wallet

It’s nothing more annoying than a bulky ass wallet filled with a bunch of things you could do without if you really thought about it. Hence the Leffot Fold Wallet is here for those that only need to carry bills (every now & then) when making moves. The t-shaped fold wallet is constructed in what the company calls, “horse ass leather”. It simply hugs your cash with three simple folds. The wallet comes in a small version for U.S. Dollars or in a larger version for more valuable currencies like the Euro, British Pound, or Japanese Yen.

Scott Campbell has done it again creating a stand out fash-On moment. This time he creates two sick leather jackets with Surface To Air. American contemporary and tattoo artist Scott Campbell uses etched drawings on the backs of each jacket using the famous ‘loop stitch’ technique.

The jacket ‘Dead Fucks,’ portrays funeral inspired drawings using classic Scott Campbell symbolism. The ‘Cobra Jacket’ shows an extremely intricate drawing of cobra heads intertwined and covering the entire back. If you recall I’ve featured works of Scott Campbell on here before.

spotted @: selectism

The Icy Shot

I think I just found the 1st gift I want to add to my xmas/bday list. The Icy Shot is a wonder of a machine for those of us that like a nice chilled shot. Icy Shot cools liquors at 8 to -5 degrees and a simple tap system for less mess along with LED illumination to add some sexy to your bar. Unlike other liquor chillers Icy Shot works without reservoir, so what you drink is pure liquor coming out and instantly chilled from the bottle. Oh Happy Day!

pic: DrinksLA

What’s On The iPod

Brandon Flowers ‘Flamingo’

This is totally going to be a personal opinion post, but The Killers are one of  the best bands in the world. So when my boy aka lead singer Brandon Flowers announced he was doing a solo project I was a little sketchy. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised that Brandon really brought the heat on this album. True the songs aren’t as catchy and upbeat as The Killers, but they display a deeper more spiritual side.It’s just enough to hold us die hard Killers fans over until a new album drops 2011.

stand outs: Crossfire, Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts, Magdalena

Bruno Mars ‘Doo-Wops & Hooligans’

I have to give it up to Bruno Mars, a kid that comes out of nowhere,  jumps on a couple hooks that soar to #1 and releases an album that stands alone in today’s music. ‘Doo-Wops & Hooligans’ features great vocals, thoughtful lyrics, real music that’s clearly a mesh of pop, soul, and doo-wop. The first single “Just The Way You Are” is a fresh take on something you’ve heard a million times in songs, but when Bruno sings it you can’t help but to go there.

stand outs: Grenade, Talking To The Moon, The Other Side

The Script “Science & Faith’

The boys from The Script are back with another winner of an album. The group from Ireland that spent the early part of their career sleeping on the front porch of music producer Teddy Riley’s home just so he would give them a chance are now making waves of their own. The new album ‘Science & Faith’ is a mix of soulful vocals, hip hop, and pop that garnered them such a huge following the first time out. I had the pleasure of not only meeting them at their first stateside performance in NYC, but became a fan instantly.

stand outs: If I Ever Come Back, Long Gone and Moved On, This=Love

Most of you already know I.AM.CJay is a fiend when it comes to wrist-wear. So when I got the email this morning two of my favorite brands were coming together for an exclusive timepiece, my day was made. LaVie Clothing Co. and FLUD Watches created this one of a kind watch for those that drive in their own lane.

The make and color is so right for Fall/Winter and gives subtle moments of conversation piece without even trying. The option to change the band is always a key factor for making fresh Fash-ON moves. Don’t want to play one look out too tough. I’m just saying.

October 15th is the date when the piece drops and only 100 were created. The watch will be sold exclusively at Capo, Probus, Area4Zero1 in Rhode Island, and online.

Big ups to the homie aka brand wizard Pete O. for the info.

One good boot is essential for Fall/Winter and I’m not talking a Timberland boot. I’m talking a boot that can translate from kick back to nightlife, depending on where you flow. The Declaration Boots from Bed|Stü are a perfect mix of rugged worn and fash-ON savy. Boots like these are made to last a long time and the scuffed up finish in the craftsmanship is a nod to that.

Check out the site for more from the brand.