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Jack Threads is like one of those sites that only the cool kids know about and online shop at. The members only site is one of the best for the best discounts on the fliest of items. Everything from Mosely Tribes sunglasses, Alfie shoes, Nudie Jeans, and Flud Watches — all offered at discounts of up to 80% off regular retail. Go here to sign up you’ll also receive $5 bucks off your first purchase.


If you ever needed another reason to make you venture to Disneyland again, this Mickey Mouse Penthouse just maybe it. The suite offers spectacular views of the 500 acre resort (Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park, and the Downtown Disney District). The lush pad includes an interior design with “Mickey’s” signature colors of black, white, red and yellow, occupies an expansive 1,600 square feet and includes an open living room, dining and kitchen area, two bedrooms and two and one-half bathrooms.

The master bedroom has a king-size bed, lounge chairs, a 37″ flat panel TV and a DVD player. The master bath includes a steam shower, Jacuzzi tub and a double vanity with a built-in TV in the mirror. Unique glass tiles on the shower walls bring the magic of Mickey Mouse to life as the familiar image of Mickey appears only when the warm water of the shower hits the tiled wall.

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The past week has been quite an eventful one for I.AM.CJay. As a born and raised Angeleno, I really felt like I soaked up some good L.A. moments. The first being my first ever Dodger game, yeah I’m not the baseball fan but the energy in the stadium is contagious. Between the beer, Dodger Dog, and trying to figure out the score board I had one of the best times in my life. Pretty awesome seats by the way.

The next day was a night out at Magic Mountain with 2 of the bestest people in my life Chiara and Beto (pics to come soon). Sometimes you need a good amusement park to just shake the shyt out of you and scream out any stress in your life.

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Chillin With My L.E.S. Fam

Gettin’ all nostalgic thinking about New York City today. Had to pull up a flick of one of the best nights last year in NYC at my trainer Dan’s (in the red shirt) crib. His family has become my adopted NYC family. Talk about some good ole fashion ignorant fun filled with Patron XO, Corona’s, Pernil, and music! NYC here I come….WEPA!!

That dark liquor is the devil I tell you! Especially when you gettin turnt up midtown and you live in Brooklyn!

L.A. based brand Ever has recently collaborated with bag maker Jack Spade for a set of travel bags. Now if your a dude that understands there is a fash-ON moment in every move you make, then these rugged bags are for you.  There is a duffle/tote 2 piece that’s in this collection. The military like colors are constructed in canvas and make for easy function which is essential in travel.  Thinking I may invest in these for my NYC holiday trip…WEY!

The duffle is $395 and the tote is $275

I’m Doin Me, this time around. I’m Doin Me, don’t need you now. I rather be by myself, I won’t let your drama hold me down. I’m Doin Me, this time around. I’m Doin Me, cause I finally found…I’d rather be by myself. I’m Doin’ Me.

One of the issues with workout systems for me is all the room it consumes in your pad. The Torque Fitness F7 Fold Away Strength Trainer is one system that eat up area in your living space as it only takes up 40 inches by 40 inches when closed. It offers two independent weight stack systems, that tie into fully adjustable swivel pulleys with 30 adjustment holes, and a removable, fully adjustable flat-to-incline bench, that allows you to do standing exercises as well as more strenuous exercise ball-based movements.

Now this is what I call making a lasting impression at your next BBQ. The Whiskey Barrel BBQ Pit gives you a reason to have people over to show how cool you are. The grill features a metal interior and rack to keep the barrel from burning. The grill will run you about $950.


Let me apologize for my absence, had to do some life cleansing and rid of some excess baggage.  Everynow & then it’s needed for us go gettaz and dreamers. I’m still not finished, but the burden is alot lighter. So back to our regularly scheduled program…