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A hot pair of shades is essential for Summer, a few pair of shades you can pick and choose from for Summer is even better. I’d like to introduce you to a collection by the name of Knockaround, they just might be my new favorite brand of eyewear at the moment.

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After another night of Sushi, wound up at Tantra in Silverlake for their Mango Martini. Yes I know the drink is in martini glasses which I hate as much as girls in Ugg boots, but the glass adds to the effect. Plus we were the only 2 people in the joint, but that’s besides the point. It’s been 4 years since I’ve had one and it was a welcome back of sorts. While drinking that concoction I noticed they had a bottle of Stoli Elit as well, if you recall I’ve talked it up before on here. One of the best vodka’s on the market, the smooth taste is incomparable. So of course we ordered up a round on the rocks.

Flash died on the trusty video phone, but you get the just of it. We got it in as always…

Fash-ON: BET Awards

I.AM.CJay and Monee from RocNation hit up the BET Awards this year and asked some of ya fav celebs about their fash-ON choices. Check it out!

You already know me and tattoos go together like vodka and tonic. So of course it was “Oh Happy Day” to hear that famed tattoo artist Scott Campbell would be adding his personal flare to customized Louis Vuitton bags for dudes.

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You already know anytime food and drink is the proposed guest of the night I’m there. Malo has always been one of my favorite places in Silverlake to venture, in fact I had my b’day dinner there a few years ago. On June 30th @ 8p.m. is Tequila Appreciation Night and it’s already shaping up to be the must attend event. The event will be a sit down 3-course meal that offers a specific Herradura Antiquo Tequila cocktail with each meal.

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Someone had to much time on their hands, but it’s funny as hell.

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Those that know me, know I hate a flavored vodka. Hands down this Coconut Ciroc has made me open my mind and liquid taste buds. I first went to tasting in NYC and knew it would be a Summer cocktail for me. I was given a bottle as a gift from someone 🙂 and oh they knew it would give me life. All you need is a lil pineapple juice and you’ll be good to go. I do have to mention we had to get ghetto for a minute this weekend at a house party and mix it with Tampico, don’t judge…it was kinda bomb.

Now this would make any novice wine connoisseur a happy person. This new Skybar One Wine System is a must for anyone that has a genuine love for wine, but can do without all the fuss to enjoy it. The high-tech system is designed to do four things, all at the press of a button: chill the wine to the optimal temperature (there are pre-programmed settings for 15 different varietals), dispense the wine (no need to remove the bottle or mess with recorking), preserve the wine for up to 10 days via vacuum technology, and display the wine attractively in the sleekly designed case that features LED lighting for ambiance. The system will run you about 4 bills, but it’s oh so worth it.

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Hands down, one of the best performances in the 10 years the BET Awards have aired goes to Chris Brown. I’m not even talking about the emotional cry through Man in the Mirror, but the overall performance. While watching the performance all I could think of is the term “Prodigal Son”.

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Me and my lil Blackberry camera had the time of our lives on the red carpet at the BET Awards this year. I’ll have actually footage to share at some point this week I took for Roc4Life, but wanted to share my on the fly pics.

Nicki Minaj was in full on barbie glam as only she could do, congrats on her win as well.

Roc Nation artist J. Cole stopped by to show Roc4Life of course, I mean we fam here!

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