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Urth Cafe Downtown

In one of those “I never knew it was here” moments, I had the pleasure of checking out the newest Urth Cafe Downtown L.A. with the homie Beto. I’ve been to the one on Melrose plenty of times, but to see this little hidden treasure was a welcomed surprise. The vibe here is more laid back than the Hollywood type flow of the Melrose location.

The food is always tops at Urth Cafe, but I highly suggest you have a latte if for nothing else just to see the foam designs in each cup.

Downtown is truly becoming it’s own little metropolitan area and Urth just made me love it even more. Make sure you check them out and tell them I.AM.CJay sent you. 🙂


A night out in downtown L.A. had me at the new Ritz Carlton which I’ve  featured here last month. Made a pit stop to the watering hole The Mixing Room which lives in the JW Marriott portion of the Ritz and tried a tasty concoction by the name of 5 Spice Margarita. A drink consisting of Patron Silver, Tequila, and Five Spice gave me just the subtle amount of kick mid-week.

Great ambiance, delicious finger foods, and fantastic drinks make for a great night now. Take my word for it.

Excuse the blackberry pic, I’m in love with the busy array of downtown behind me.

This video and Buzzcocks remake by the Noisettes is my new favorite joint of the moment. The energy they pumped into the 70’s jam gives life.

As you can see by my life aka laptop on the table I was in the midst of my daily grind when these arrived in the mail from Radii Footwear. You already know I stay on a quest for Summer time kicks and these Timeless Deluxe joints are a perfect kind. A pair you won’t see me in all the time, but when I do fash-ON with em’ it’ll be a moment. Big ups to Casey who is the 26 year old founder of the brand for hooking me up. Gotta appreciate a young go getta on the grind moving his pieces to over 10 countries.

Every now & then when you come across a fantastic artist you really just want to share with the people. Scott Rohlfs is that artist that makes me an instant new fan. His nostalgic works of painted women with big eyes are everything I love and give me life. The edginess and colors add to the validity of the moments as well. I can ramble on & on but take a look for yourself and head over to the site to cop your own! Check out a few of his pieces below:

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It’s phrases like “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff” and “When Your Going Through Hell, Keep Going” that tend to make sense at moments you’d least expect. People come in your life for a reason and some stay for a season. The ones that come in for week and drain the sh*t out of you. Shake it off, recognize why they were there and learn how to block those brand killers out your circle. Cause that’s exactly what they are, BRAND KILLERS. “I Feel Too Damn Good!”

Rejoice! A place for those that prefer a boutique type approach to a hotel in Los Angeles can now rest easy as the Chamberlain in West Hollywood is here to save the day. The 114 room property is finishing up a redesign that should be completed by Summer. All areas of the hotel will be made over including guestrooms,  suites, bathrooms, and the roof-top outdoor pool deck.

The sexy new outside deck has seating areas, lounge chairs, and private poolside cabanas. Se deserving of a fash-ON moment in the late Summer nights.

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Must See Movie: LA Mission

First off, let me say that I’m glad I took out the time to check the latest vehicle starring Benjamin Bratt, LA Mission. True it can be touted as a film all Latino’s should see, but I say it’s a film all human beings should see. I have to give props to the homie Dead Lee for speaking on the film via Twitter one day and making me aware of it.  It’s a film that really shows a side of a lifestyle that extends beyond your favorite Bravo reality show and takes it to the hood. Just cause Adam Lambert is sucking man face on stage err’body ain’t cool with it. Dudes in the hood, especially minority have a hard time dealing with the taboo in this day and age.

The great thing was there was a Q&A after the movie with Benjamin Bratt and Jeremy Ray Valdez after the screening. That gave more insight into not only the film the the barriers they had to break to get it on the big screen. Honorable mention has to be given to my girl Erika Alexander for portraying that abused healer in the film. I love that she was African American because we know racism between brown and black is still prevalent.It wasn’t even a concern brought up in the film which made it more natural.

Again I highly recommend you peep this film, it’s touching, funny, moving, and all together inspiring. Friend them on FACEBOOK and/or visit the site LA Mission for theaters showing the film as most people don’t even know this film is out, it’s needed.

On a evening out for dinner with the crew before a night of debauchery was to ensue, we ventured to West Hollywood locale The Gardens of Taxco. I’ve yet to even see to Mexico but somehow felt instantly transported upon entering the doors. The decor it festive and the food never seems to stop. Seriously the food never stops coming as they are known for not having any menu’s to mull over, only delightful waiters to announce food choices  in a colorful way.

Before you begin to partake in a wonderful 8 course meal, it’s a must you start off with the delicious margaritas. It’s almost as if they fluffed the mix in with the ice for a whipped like concoction that is simply divine. The entire 5 course meal went as follows:

The End.

Make sure you check out The Gardens Of Taxco, you won’t be disappointed.


Nothing gets my fash-ON flow better than a fly t-shirt. When I came across the brand 5Boro recently I knew I found a brand that could satisfy my tee addiction. The collection of tees are street without being too literal in that. The love for NYC is apparent but doesn’t turn off a West Coast dude like myself from rocking em.

A honorable mention has to go to the Cinco Barrios tee that I wore on Cinco De Mayo and of course was a huge hit all night. Make sure you check out 5Boro and big ups to Steve for hooking up I.AM.CJay.