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When I heard the W was opening on Hollywood Blvd, my first thought was “Lawd it’s going to be so congested”. Now after arriving to L.A. and having a gander at the finished product, I think I’m going to be calling Hollywood my playground again.

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Ciao NYC

Had to bid my good friend New York adieu to begin the next chapter of the I.AM.CJay brand. A mighty good farewell it was, all of my most favorite go gettaz, hustlers, movers & shakers came out to celebrate.

Get Ur Head Right

Whatever it takes to get your mind right I say do it. Every morning even if it’s a mere 15 minutes you need it to plan your attack for the day. Mine would be anything involving nature and the living beauty it is. I.AM.Inspired

One of the best salads I’ve had in my life comes from Fred 62’s in Los Feliz. The Thai Cobb Salad is a must have for those that love a pow in flavor. Happen to be in the mood for a filling post workout meal with my girl Breakfast At Tiffany’s and Fred 62’s came calling.

What I’m Listening To

My favorite singer from Sweden Robyn is back with a new album of sounds that awaken every musical ion in me. *my joints: Dancing On My Own, None Of Dem, Hang With Me*

I tried to deny getting into another rapper come lately but that damn “Nothin On You” by ATLien B.o.B got me hooked. Then “Airplanes” dropped and sealed the deal for me. Most people are calling him a sellout, but hey if money calls, get it how you get it homie. I’m still trying to marinate with the album but thus far it’s a cool joint to kick back to. *my joints: Airplanes, Don’t Let Me Fall, The Kids.

Aight I have to big up the homie Miguel for puttin me on to another artist I would have never checked. La Roux is simply the shyt anytime of the day. *my joints: Bulletproof, Fascination, Armour Love*

The next chapter of the I.AM.CJay brand begins. “I’m Already Home”

Greatly appreciate the love from C. Jay over at

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Mos Def appreciate the love from LaVie, this line is dope. They have quite a few Fash-ON standout pieces you should become familiar with.  Make sure you take a moment and check out their collection.

This is actually my favorite drink from Bamboo 52 NYC, the Basil Pear Martini. It’s a subtle and sensual cocktail made with vodka, fresh pear puree, and muddled basil. It’s like liquor took food out for a date and this was the love child it created.

I would like for them to muddle the basil a different way, that would be my only grip about this drink. I do love the fact they serve it in a shot glass, dudes and martini glasses should never meet.

I ♥ Art: Richard Avedon

Richard Avedon is one of the best American photographers in the world. His collection of work from the sixties will always be my favorite era of his works. It’s great when you can look at a photo and feel the emotion from that moment it was taken conveyed.

I also love to hit the MoMa in NYC to have a close-up look at his works, I took the pic below in his gallery section.

Not too many heads in the graphic/site/branding/design world I would co-sign for, but Fredy Pagan is one of the best. This dude has a creative brain that exceeds his own grasp which can be dangerous in the most rewarding way. He’s also my official South Beach tour guide, after all he’s the dude that put me on to “Call-A-Cab” @ Wet Willies.