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Dream Big!

This song gives me life each and every time I hear it for many reasons you will soon see unfold.


You know I live for a smart re-approach to a brand that gives it new life, this new branding method by Samy Halim for Pantone is simply genius. A play on the square physical to resemble actual paint swatches. Clap 4 him.

I ♥ Art: Miles Aldridge

I’ve been a fan of Miles Aldridge for a few years now, his images are always electric and sensual.

You can pick up his book Pictures For Photographs here.

Fash-ON: Android Homme

Oh Happy Day! Finally my Androids have arrived in the mail. Now all may continue as usual in my world.


This exercise bike makes me want to get my cardio on, simply because it looks cool.

I.AM: Chef Rodney Burns

Seriously this dude makes the best Chicken Wrap I’ve EVA had in my life. Spicy Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap, with a Cajun dipping sauce.

It’s a moment for the food gawds created by my homie and hands down one of the best chefs in Los Angeles, Chef Rodney Burns. Young dude that is lethal in the kitchen.

Moments: Basquiat

When I find a fragrant moment I love, I stick with it. Serge Lutens Daim Blond is a unique potion with a suede scent to it. Thanks to Kelly at Fred Segal for putting me on to this a few years ago. Still a fan.

This year I was able to celebrate my birthday amongst my best friends in Los Angeles for an amazing brunch at Rockwells. Afterward my favorite Italian siren Chiara took me to The Belmont for drinks and introduced me to the Hot Mango Love. Trust me when I say that jalepeno isn’t just for decoration, this drink will burn you in a good way.

Sadly though, the drink was retired from the menu. I’ll make my own concoction somehow!